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  • We have got to keep moving.

    What is all of this, if not an act- some kind of drama and pretense where we all comply with certain mannerisms and ways of living? Is it possible to sense the reality of someone else’s feelings, someone else’s sense of love, warmth, or ingenuity? I highly doubt that. For someone who has dreamt of […]


  • Just another full moon.

    I’m trying to bridge the gap between my reality and idealism. It looks impossible, I can’t do it any longer. It HURTS. Why can’t I stop? Maybe I am an idealist. Not really, there’s not much doubt, I know I am one. Is it bad that I’m an idealist though? Is it? If it is, […]

  • I found her. 💗

    There she is. Silent, timid and tired. She looks like she’s waited a while here, and there’s this glimpse of hope in her eyes, it is flickering. I see that it’s been a long time since she’s been waiting and I know that I took the longer way back, in the name of adventure, fear […]

  • Words in colour Gold.

  • Too intense to name it.

    Hi! “It’s a wednesday and I have an off, so let’s get to the glorious pursuit of self”, was the thought that led to the action- of picking up a pen. And to write. There’s not a lot of points to prove today, except there is a solid revelation that I sat through. So I […]

  • Party time, babe.

    It is 5 in the evening my love, and my mind is chattering away relentlessly. It has grown so intense that I have to take up physical exercise to balance it. It’s not the best feeling but it’s also not the worst. The past few months have been.. well, eventful? Blurry and mind-boggling, sure. Lots […]

  • The most beautiful breakthrough.

    Maybe, just maybe; the point of it was to make you realise how deeply you feel. How deeply you crave to feel. It was necessary, wasn’t it? It was necessary to etch a path through you, for you to realise that parts of you were dead. So dead and lifeless for so long. In the […]

  • Look, the future is enticing.

    The past shouldn’t matter, what’s done is done. The past is in its place, in the backs of your memory; left to your choices, to keep it or to get rid of it. It doesn’t matter now, what happened or how it happened. What matters, is that we’re here. Well, let’s cut to the chase […]

  • I found myself relishing my wounds.

    Here I am, licking my wounds, relishing them, and admiring them as I dive deeper into the journey, yet again. There are a few things that have managed to survive, along with me; 1. My thirst for battles, 2. My vivid mind and of course 3. My gentle heart. Although I see how my heart […]

  • Same but hopeful.

    You know how I was the one who held the rope so tight, that my hands were tired and bleeding? And that is not even the worst of it; the worst part was that I did not even know that I was holding on to it so tight. Okay, maybe I knew it, but I […]